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Mexican families mourn workers claimed by Covid in the US
alejandra rajal
Aug 7, 2020
Location: Puebla
In the last weeks, I´ve been working on a story in my hometown about the impact Covid-19 has had in migrant families in Puebla, Mexico after the repatriation of 250 urns from the tri-state area, 105 of them belonging to Puebla.

Thank you to the Martinez and Trinidad families for opening their houses and sharing the stories of Juan and Arnulfo, in hopes their stories can highlight the reality of migrant workers in the USA and also bring awareness to Mexicans about the virus. 
Mexican families mourn workers claimed by Covid in the US – photo essay
In July, the remains of nearly 250 migrant workers were repatriated to Mexico City. Two grieving families share their stories and loss

Alejandra Rajal

Alejandra Rajal is a freelance documentary photographer based in Mexico.
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