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Nayeli, 25 and Omar, 23 play with their daughters Daniela and Melanie after a long day cutting cempasúchil flowers.

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Interview with the Phoblographer: Alejandra Rajal’s Eye for Important Stories Landed Her a Fujifilm Grant
alejandra rajal
Apr 21, 2022
I was interviewed by the Phoblographer about my creative process and work in photography.

Here is an extract:
“It’s a very internalized process and usually takes me months before I even start sharing my ideas,” says documentary photographer Alejandra Rajal when talking about her motivations for a particular story. She adds, “I also try to feed the idea, mostly through literature and visual art…” Rajal isn’t one to rush into a project, especially those that are delicate and need telling in a certain way....Alejandra Rajal's Eye for Important Stories Landed Her a Fujifilm Grant
Alejandra Rajal is a documentary photographer who just landed a development grant with Fujifilm. She kindly agreed to speak to us.

Alejandra Rajal

Alejandra Rajal is a freelance documentary photographer based in Mexico.
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