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ASSIGNMENT for El Pais: A female Doctor died after two hours with the police.
alejandra rajal
Jun 21, 2021
Last week I worked on an extremely sad story about a female doctor who was detained by the police in Hidalgo, Mexico after a car accident and two hours later from her detention, the police "found" her dead.

These stories are never easy to tell, Beatriz was a brilliant and kind woman who had so much to live for. Her family is trying to find the culprits in her death and they are denying the version the police has given about a possible suicide. 
Las dos horas con la policía que acabaron con la vida de la médica Beatriz Hernández
La doctora, de 29 años, falleció en una celda tras ser detenida en un accidente sin heridos en Hidalgo. La autopsia establece la asfixia como causa de la muerte e identifica otras 24 lesiones en el cuerpo. EL PAÍS reconstruye con testigos,...

Alejandra Rajal

Alejandra Rajal is a freelance documentary photographer based in Mexico.
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