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A man looks for the path of the cannabis business in Mexico
alejandra rajal
Nov 20, 2021
Between 2020 and 2021, we traveled to the north of Mexico to meet Benito Contreras, an entrepreneur looking to enter the legal cannabis industry in Mexico. There's a catch: his brother-in-law is Vicente Carrillo, a former leader of the Juárez drug cartel.

"It is not my fault that my sister fell in love," says Benito, who seeks to be the mediator of two worlds that seem to repel each other. He founded a cannabis research center and has surrounded himself with scientists, doctors and growers to gain entry into the medicinal market, which is just getting on its feet.

“How great it would be if my name went down in history! But for good things,” says Contreras, who recounts stories of patients and families he has met and who he thinks could benefit from cannabis treatment. This week, Vicente Carrillo received his conviction in Mexico, following his 2014 arrest.

This project was possible with the support of Fundación Gabo program of new narratives on drugs.
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Alejandra Rajal

Alejandra Rajal is a freelance documentary photographer based in Mexico.
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